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CMI's Role in the Naming of the TD Garden 

 "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your involvement in the growth of TD Bank. You and your company’s dedication and expertise will always be tied with the success and growth of the TD Brand. Sports marketing was a big part of how we grew our brand, and the success we all share is tied directly in part to CMI’s efforts. 

 You lead us to and assisted us in signing the sponsorship of the Boston Bruins, as well as the signing of Troy Brown and Jason Varitek. You were not only instrumental in identifying the Garden as an asset that we should have our name on, you also played a key role in negotiations, in our team understanding the true value of the asset, as well as creating and maintaining the Kids Club House as one of the key initiatives. Our name would not be on the Garden if it were not for CMI. You further identified the Boston Celtics opportunity and negotiated the sponsorship of the Celtics. Again, this is an asset we would never have without your guidance."  

-  William J. Ryan; Former  President  & CEO


Celebrity Marketing Strategy 

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